Special Modification Request
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Program Description
Through our SMR program, we can adapt our industry-leading Pelco products to fit unique applications. Whether the customization need is driven by aesthetics or environment, our SMR program allows integrators and dealers to deliver powerful, differentiated solutions. SMRs make it possible to:
  • Retrofit new products into existing installations
  • Blend cameras and enclosures with colors, patterns, and architectural features through custom fabrication and finishing
  • View over and around obstructions by modifying mounts
  • Reduce installation cost through pre-wiring and pre-configuration
  • Adapt products to special environmental requirements

SMRs have been used successfully for customized solutions in vertical industries, including:
  • High Security Enclosures for correctional facilities
  • Stainless Steel Enclosures and Mounts for marine and other corrosive environments
  • Specialized Enclosures for traffic monitoring
Custom Colors

With the Custom Color Selector, you can browse or search the list of products that are preapproved for custom color powder coat. Once you select a product, you can choose from almost 200 RAL colors and standard Pelco colors (white, charcoal black, camera black, and grey), each with its own color sample. Pick your color by any of these three criteria: color code, name, or color sample. The selector will return an SMR number. The Custom Color Selector gives you the option of creating a PDF of all the information. Custom Colors can be a powerful differentiator. Now you have a fast, online tool to assist with color selection.

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How to Make a Request

It all starts with a customer request, and we are delighted to work with you to bring unique solutions to your customers. To learn more about Pelco Special Modification Requests or to discuss a specific customization opportunity, please contact your local Schneider Electric Sales Office or your Pelco Manufacturer’s Representative.